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Protein RST, LLC dedicates creating research ideas and proposals for business partners and collaborators. Contact us for scheduling a Zoom meeting or a phone conference to discuss how we can assist you in your innovational research. 

A collection of innovational research proposals has been prepared and peer-reviewed. Some proposals have technical weaknesses, while others do not. We are refining the proposals for meeting qualifications for SBIR grant applications.  For applications for SBIR grants, Protein RST, LLC is seeking partners who can provide sufficient resources. 

  • A novel reagent phage display method for detecting low-abundance biomolecules  
  • Formulation of Novel Assays on Regulations of miRNA Biogenesis for Applications in Medical Research and Drug Screening 
  • Novel methods of preparations of recombinant HIV envelop glycoproteins (Env) for Env-based immunogens (vaccines) and novel HIV-neutralizing antibodies for AIDS treatment 
  • Constructions of recombinant HIV Env mimics as candidates for HIV vaccine development 
  • Identifications of SARS-CoV2 spike protein-based antigens and broad neutralizing antibodies for development of vaccines and therapeutics against COVID-19 pandemic 
  • Construction of coronavirus vaccine platforms - COVID-19 
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