Our mission at Protein RST, LLC is to develop high quality biologically active recombinant proteins, protein-related products, and protein research technologies for scientific research and pharmaceutical applications. Our focuses are on producing scalable therapeutic and prophylactic recombinant proteins.

Nicholas Guo, MB, MSc, Ph.D., Owner of Protein RST, LLC 

Languages: Chinese (mother tongue) and English (30 years in Canada and USA) 

30 years for establishing thinking skills as an English speaker (second language) and 15 years for transforming thinking styles as a businessman


* 33 years in academic research and 13 years in small business and innovational research for commercialization 

*  Served in a NIH SBIR proposal review panel

Scientific Background: 
  •  Protein biochemistry and enzymology
  •  Molecular and cellular biology
  •  Bacteriology
  •  Protein structural biology/x-ray crystalogrphy 
  •  General chemistry 
  •  Medicine 
  •  Biostatistics/epidemiology 

Scientific Expertise: proficient skills in the following practices - The following activities are conducted in the lab of Protein RST, LLC 
  •  Molecular designs of chimeric/recombinant proteins for variety of applications 
  •  Therapeutic and prophylactic protein designs 
  •  Preparations of difficult proteins 
  •  Antibody purification 
  •  B. subtilis expression system: Most people do not have experience on this system. 
  •  Phage nanoparticle designs 

Small business experience: 
 •  Finished multiple online business courses and trainings 
 •  Experiences in development of scientific business models 
 •  Perception and practice of customer creation and growing 
 •  Commercialization skills, experience, and knowledge 

Current research interests: 
  * Protein quality control 
  * Biodetection 
  * Phage display and library construction 
  * Antibody and antigen engeneering 
  * HIV Env engineering and characterizations 
  * RNA processing enzyme characterizations 
  * COVID-19 and other anti-viral vaccine development 
  * Therapeutic and prophylactic protein development

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